Oleg Chertkov was born in 1965.

He studied at the art school in the city of Nizhnevartovsk, then at the Sverdlovsk art school of a name of Shadr and the Academy of fine arts in Perm.

In his works, the artist focuses on the traditions of Russian realistic school of painting, trying to capture the emotional attitude to the chosen topic. The prevailing color scheme constructed on soft combinations of ochre and blue.

The desire to convey of light and air environment, enveloping, blur the clear outlines of buildings and human figures inherent to landscapes that the author made during the creative trips to the cities of Russia and Germany.

The artist works in various graphic and pictorial techniques. Range of genres: landscape, portrait, still life.

tel. 8 902 47 94 094

e-mail: perm-arto@yandex.ru


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